Who is Queen Roue?


Queen Roue is a Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher through Yoga Skills, School of Kemetic Yoga by Master Instructor Yirser Ra Hotep. She is the cofounder of the Kemetic Yoga Movement ATX. She passionately practices and educates people on holistic self care through creativity, movement, plant based nutrition, and natural beauty. She has been practicing yoga for over five years, modeling for over seven years, has been leading an holistic, natural lifestyle for over nine years and mentoring youth for over 10 years. Roue loves combining her gifts, talents, and values to have a positive impact on her global community.


Queen Roue spreads the experience of freedom through photography and specializes in fine art nude modeling. She often works to promote body acceptance while demystifying sexuality, femininity, and self care. Modeling is a healing modality for Roue and has helped her to overcome the negative effects of childhood abuse and sexual traumas.


Roue can be found hosting panels and workshops on practicalities of spirituality and natural beauty. In July of 2016, Roue lead the very first Clean Like a Goddess workshop, where she educated a diverse group of women on the spiritual practice of cleaning, using natural, DIY products, smudge wands, and affirmations to holistically cleanse personal and work spaces. She led the panel I Woke Up Like This at Counter Balance’s African Diaspora Women's Summit, March 2017. There, she facilitated an interactive discussion on personal perceptions of beauty and how to transcend respectability politics. In the month of June 2017 alone, Roue hosted a mini day retreat in Houston and served as a featured speaker during the Juneteenth Health Fest. During this festival, she led a Holistic Health Dispelled workshop as well as spoke as a panelist, discussing the topic of Staying Mentally Healthy in the Face of Institutional Racism and Anti-Blackness. Queen Roue wrapped up the month of June by co-facilitating a Release + Receive nude retreat at Hippie Hollow-- featuring Kemetic Yoga, spiritual cleansings and readings. She completed ten days of intense Kemetic Yoga training at the Negril Yoga Centre in Jamaica and earned her Kemetic Yoga Teacher's Certification, July, 2017. 


Queen Roue mentors youth and provides personal childcare services. She engages children in art, physical activity, STEM-focused learning and fun plant-based approaches to nutrition. Roue loves to inspire young people to learn the skills they need to follow their dreams. 


Roue is currently studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor. She plans to continue to innovate new ways to inspire the pursuit of wellness through live organic foods, meditation, movement, and artistic expression. If there isn't an available platform, Roue will create one. She aims to continue travel the world learning, educating and dispelling taboos associated with nudity, femininity, sexuality, health, and spirituality. 


“There's nothing but space and opportunities to be great!"

-Queen Roue

Contact Queen Roue at queenroue@queenroue.com.

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